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Hinging Gates

It’s the start of the year still, or just about, and as such many people are choosing now to up sticks and move! Whether it be for a new job starting near the beginning of the year, or if it’s just a fresh start for 2013, there’s almost always a spike of those moving home at this time. As such, here at Motion Gates, we thought we might lend a hand in the process! Here’re three top ways to increasing the curb appeal of your home, so your buyers are blown away the second they set their eyes on it!

1) Clean and Tidy! It’s a simple one, but it can often take a lot of effort, especially when it involves getting up with the gutters and making sure they look great and function well. Get hold of a power washer and give your walls and exterior sills a spray down, before getting in the garden trimming those flower beds, cutting the grass and generally tidying round to make it’s easy on the eye!

2) Replace or maintain the garage door! As one of the largest surface areas instantly visible on the front of your home (generally speaking) it’s worth making sure you’ve got a decent garage door in place. There’re some fancy designs available at great prices these days, so have a shop around if yours looks like it’s about to drop off!

3) Planters and decorations. There’s always something to be said for giving the place that extra interest value by adding in some colourful potted plants, statuettes and hanging baskets. Secrete them around your front door and make sure you step back to admire your handy work, how would YOU feel walking into your garden?

Of course, making sure your home has the correct amount of security is always a significant factor, and whilst gates can do just that, they also immediately inspire an aura of prestige about the place, especially if they’re posh swinging automatic gates. Image visiting a house to view, only to be let in at the front by some beautiful, tall and proud automatic gates that give your property the entrance it deserves.

Whether you’re moving or staying put, automatic gates can really help a home stand apart, making it safer and more visually appealing than ever. Call us at Motion Gates today for a quote on causing your curb appeal to soar!

Hinged Gate
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