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Hinging Gates

Long gone are the days when you could leave your doors and windows open so your friends, family or employees could come and go as they pleased. Now it’s all about security, whether it’s your home or your place of work we have to constantly ensure that we are being as safety conscientious as possible and your gates are no exception. Here at Motion Gates we supply and install a wide range of automatic sliding gates and we believe they are some of the most secure gates you can get.

Made from either wood or metal our automatic sliding gates are incredibly strong. And when closed they are pretty much impenetrable, as they are held in place by the tracking system, drive motor and any other applications you may have fitted they cannot be wedged sideways and are much more resistant to ramming compared to gates that swing open.

As they are automatic you also haven’t got the worry about them being left open by a family member or visitor at home or a colleague at work. Our gates come with a choice of ‘phone in activation’, GSM intercom and radio remote control meaning that you are totally in control of who comes in and out of your property, making it a very safe place to live or work. The gates are also fitted with a heavy duty latch making them even more secure.

Automatic sliding gates are an ever popular choice as they are not only incredibly secure they are also a great space saver as they can just slide along the length of your fence or wall rather than taking up room swinging open.

Here at Motion Gates we specialise in manufacturing and installing bespoke gates to meet your exact needs and requirements. If you think your business or home could benefit from secure sliding gates then get in touch with us today and find out what we can do for you. To view our contact details click here.

Hinged Gate
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