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Hinging Gates

It’s cold. Really cold. One of the most sure-fire ways of telling whether or not it’s winter is to check how cold it is, and we can confirm, it’s definitely winter. As we all start to wake up 10 minutes earlier to get the de-icer on the windscreen and the car engine running, praying we’ll make it off the drive, and waving goodbye to anything close to daylight come half past three, it could only be the tell-tale signs of everybody’s favourite season kicking in. That in mind then, have you got security in your home or commercial premises already prepped and primed?

Typically, many companies increase stock over winter getting ready for the flood of footfall by insuring there’s enough in the warehouse to provide; and this puts many properties at risk of being subject to crime. As such, winter is the perfect time to tighten the ship, and ensure security is as sharp as it should be.

Similarly, the home is always in need of extra security, and the same winter related risks apply here too.

Automatic sliding gates are a significant addition to any security setup, providing a controlled entrance and exit to your premises, as well as administering a swathe of convenience; not having to get out in the rain and the cold to open up a manual gate might not seem like a world-beater, but imagine being sat in the warmth of your vehicle simply having to press a button to get in and avoiding getting soaked through, then soaking your car’s interior when you sit down to pull in. Magic!

Naturally, a security gate needs to be robust, able to stand years of constant use whilst remaining a competent and functional element of your security system that goes beyond the visual deterrent they communicate just by being there.

Of course, all our installations meet current health and safety standards and comply with all necessary legislation, ensuring that, whilst supremely strong, and resistant to damage and break in attempts, they remain safe.

Have you asked yourself if you’ve prepped your security for winter yet? If not, an automatic gate could be the perfect addition!

Hinged Gate
Rural Hinged Gate